• A Profile of Tennessee Tim Woodard

  • Posted on October 18, 2018
  • As the first person in his family to have graduated college, Tim Woodard earned an Associates Degree in History and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration before earning his law degree. All of that is significant to his worldview. Tim believes education has been essential to his successful business and legal career, but he has never forgotten his roots. He likes to think his blue collar work ethic infuses everything he does. For Tim Woodard, whether he is acting as a mediator or in any other area, he demands integrity, loyalty, and consistency from himself and he works hard to be the best person he can be.

    Tim Woodard is considered by many to be a fine mediator, with plenty of experience to draw upon. He has worked on many cases in many legal disciplines, served as a judicial clerk and he has negotiated many contracts. He has also worked hard in the field of legal marketing and as a ghost writer for appellate court briefs and portfolio management.

    Of course, Tim Woodard has a lot of experience outside the legal field, as well. For example, his business background is quite extensive, as he owned his own business at one time and he has also served as a business manager, where he learned from some of the most successful business leaders in the area. He also has a lot of experience working in athletics, in areas as diverse as compliance, recruiting, operations, and marketing. That experience includes positions as a Director of Basketball Operations, Director of Softball Operations, and as a Recruiting Coordinator. In his spare time, he attends church, travels and he likes to go hiking and fishing. He also likes to watch football and basketball from the University of Tennessee and Notre Dame.

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